Boo...scared you didn't I?

Reks is just over 8 weeks old now and he’s absolutely amazing, but I was never prepared as a father for how difficult it would be! Things are getting easier now, but finding the time for any normality is really hard. I work full time and also have my own business, so finding the energy is so hard. My partner has also had post natal depression, which has been a struggle….but luckily shes starting to get better now. I’ve been under so much pressure to look after everyone and also myself!!

Reks also has a cleft lip and palate, so this has also added to the strain. Feeding was not easy to get use too, as he has to have special bottles and teats because he cannot suck. This also means breastfeeding was a no no too….

I would not change a thing though, he’s just a amazing and seeing his exaggerated smile everyday just makes it more worth it. His operation for the lip repair is on 1st of January; New Year, New Lip as I say.

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